Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday. And words.

Two days in, I can already tell it's one of those weeks. I've needed a trough of caffeine, for example. Anyone else?

"The dawn anew breaks cold and harsh,
Startled from a dreamless sleep.
They shuffle through the deadened leaves,
Renounce the hours they beg to keep.

A mousetrap pattern, day by day,
Littered with dreams too great to be sown.
Grasping at the trophy of a minted success,
When all that is gold is love alone."


"I like ice cream.
I like cakes.
It's too freaking hot in this city.
Spiders have too many legs.

...Guess which one I wrote?

Trick question. I wrote both. This afternoon.


I like poems because you can use words like "anew" and not get made fun of.


I am at Starbucks right now sitting next to THE MOST. ADORABLE OLD COUPLE.

I want to kidnap them and put them in my pocket.

They are wearing flowery shirts and sharing a chocolate chip cookie. The old lady has fabric butterflies on her shoes. I WILL become that one day.

Speaking of Starbucks. The cool lime refresher is so. good.

And I'm picky when it comes to beverages. Water. Tea. Coffee. Amen.

But this is special.

Also, as a special Tuesday feast, here are some images from pretty places near my abode.

(P.S. Another cute old couple just walked in??!! What is this place?!)

I'm going to brag a little right now and say I LOVE this picture. Mostly because it reminds of those simple, 13-year-old summers at cheerleading practice. (We practiced at a baseball field, yes.)

The church near my apartment where I sometimes go to sit outside and think. Fun fact: The boyfriend's parents were married here.

Have a happy week!

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  1. Haha, you're so funny! I love cute old couples and I am picky about my drinks too! I like the passion fruit tea they have there.


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