Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meet me in St. Louis

Yesterday I trekked a couple hundred miles to visit my dad, stepmom and stepbrothers in St. Louis.

(I like where I chose to go to school, especially because it's pretty much the halfway point between my dad in St. Louis and my mom in Chicago.)

Let me just tell you, in case you haven't experienced it for yourself: Illinois is the most flat, redundant state to drive through. It goes like this: cornfield, barn, cow, antique mall. Small town. Repeat.

But first, a totally random aside...maybe it's just me, but why does every symptom I ever type into Google result in a pregnancy search result? For example: I get migraines. So whenever I type that into Google, one of the top results are always "migraines from pregnancy." I've got a toothache now (last time this happened I needed a root canal. Would really rather not go through that again.) So I typed in "tooth sensitivity" and got "tooth sensitivity when pregnant."

If I've had it, apparently some pregnant woman out there has also had it. Heart burn, fever, sore throat, sensitivity to light, poison ivy...likely attributed to a growing fetus. (I'm not positive on the poison ivy, but it's probably there.)

Does this happen to everyone?

I'm also a hypochondriac. So typing things into Google whenever I have a mysterious ache is really not a good idea.

Anyway, some photos from the journey and the cutest dog in the world. Seriously. Try and refute that. You will fail..

Truck stop, USA. Hot coffee on a ninety-degree day.
(Yes, I am capable of sometimes taking a picture with my eyes open. I forgot sunglasses. Dumb move.)

My favorite point in the St. Louis journey! Coolest antique mall ever.

Xena! I will steal her. It won't be difficult, either. Because she loves me, and hiding in sweatshirts.

Have a relaxing weekend!

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  1. Hhaha hilarious! Love how all your symptoms lead to pregnant women with those symptoms! Loving your dress!



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