Thursday, July 26, 2012

Carp and Jenna Marbles

Howdy there!

It is raining outside. It hasn't rained here in weeks. WEEKS.
Everyone's all "drought this, drought that. What will become of our corn?"

Side note. 

I have a girl crush on Jenna Marbles. And this morning, I felt as though we really bonded over this video. Because it's so true. And I want her dog.
"Makeup getting everybody pregnant!"
She cracks me up!

Also, because I haven't formally introduced him here, this is my fish, Lloyd. AKA Lloydy Pants, Lloydy Butt, and Good Lloyd. (Bad Lloyd if he's being bad.)

A face that only a mother could love.
He's a betta fish, and there is a huge array of gorgeous, brightly-colored bettas.
But I saw him and thought, "Yes, that one."
He's so sassy.
Sometimes he sleeps at the bottom of the bowl with his eyes open, so I poke him with a pencil to wake him up, yelling into the water. Then he gets mad and hides in his squid home for awhile, except at feeding time.
Then he comes out slowly, attacks the food, puffs his face out at me and retreats to his squid.
Best friends, going on one year now.
Which is a major achievement, considering I can't even keep a cactus alive. 

Speaking of fish.
If you either a.) are deeply fascinated in the Asian Carp presence on the Illinois River and how their arrival has affected the recreational sector or b.) want to laugh at my reporter voice, here is a three-minute feature I did, which took me like a month and a half to put together. Now your week is complete.

Happy almost Friday!


  1. hahaha i love jenna marbles... she's legit lol.

    stopping by from across the pond to say hello to a fellow chicago gal ;)

  2. I found you via Across the Pond - and I'm following you because you and I share something important - girl crushes on Jenna. She rocks.

    1. I can't get enough of her! She and I are best friends. She just doesn't know it yet.

  3. Scratch that - I'll follow you as soon as Google stops acting all crazy and stuff.


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