Friday, July 6, 2012

Love Story, Part I of III

So I was going to do this about two months ago, on our one year anniversary. But then...I didn't.
I'm going to tell it now, though, because I think it's a pretty interesting story. Also I'm biased. But still.

Freshman year of college, first day of classes. Girl is majoring in journalism, boy is majoring in mechanical engineering. There are less than a handful of classes they could ever end up in together, and one of those is speech class. They both take the 9 a.m. course. (Girl takes an 8 a.m. chemistry before that class. Why she made that choice is a question she will ask herself three days a week for the rest of the semester.)

Boy and girl sit next to each other on the first day. In the front row, because they are nerds. (Or because the teacher placed them there.)

They spend every day not speaking to one another. Girl likes the way he blushes when he gives a speech, and his impeccable taste in shoes. She also thinks he finds her weird because, given that she is a morning person, she comes in daily slightly peppy and excited and one time put her pants on backwards. (Thanks to girl's roommate, who also had 8 a.m. chemistry, and let her know. Girl did not fix the pants before speech class.)

Girl also gave speeches on strange topics such as aliens and the history of Halloween, while everyone else talked about abortion. (Fun class.) Boy gave a speech about how his band won a talent show in high school. Girl is intrigued.

Girl is also intrigued when boy, who seems very quiet and shy, gives a speech one day, and she notices a hickey on his neck. She wondered what he did with his weekends. (Turns out, it was just a mosquito bite.)

One day, boy asks girl how her weekend was. Girl is stunned that boy is speaking to her. But they still don't talk much, even when they're part of the same final project group.

After that, they go their separate ways. It will be a year and a half before they speak again, aside from a few chance encounters...

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