Monday, February 22, 2016

Wedding recaps part one: Getting Ready

I was pretty calm almost the entire wedding process, but I remember three distinct days of pure panic in our two-year engagement. 

One month out, one week out, and the night before the wedding.

One of my best friends stayed in the suite with me the night before the wedding, and it took a little while to fall asleep. I remember FREAKING out, telling her that the wedding was some ritual I apparently had to get through to be married. I didn't have cold feet about my marriage; I had cold feet about the wedding and all. those. people. Why did we invite so many people?!

Luckily, she reassured me and I fell asleep feeling sick but a little excited. 

I set my alarm for 6:15 a.m. The hair stylist and makeup artist were showing up around 7:30, and I knew I wanted the hotel's complimentary breakfast beforehand. I am a major morning person and breakfast is one of my absolute favorite things in the world. So when 6:15 rolled around, I woke up feeling refreshed and mostly excited about breakfast with a few of my bridesmaids.

The weird part was that I felt completely, 100% normal that morning. No more nerves, no more panic. And I felt that way the entire day. I don't think I felt nervous the entire wedding day. 

My mom did my hair (and Tom's!), which was fun and special to me. She's being doing my hair since I grew hair...I was bald until I was two or of course, I wanted her to be the one to my hair on my wedding day.

Getting ready was one of the best parts of the day. My friends live all over, so having them in one place at one time was like a dream. Also, my aunt owns a martini bar and my grandma bakes pastries for their "coffee haus" in the mornings, and they brought the most AMAZING scones and mimosas for everyone!

View from our suite on the wedding day.

All of the delicious scones.

My great-grandmother's amethyst ring. Also my birthstone!

My friend/roommate of 4 years made this card for me, and it was exactly what I needed to hear the night before the wedding!

Makeup on, scone in hand, two different socks.

My gorgeous sister-in-law, Sam.

The girls in their new robes!

This dress had a million buttons. Thanks Sandy!

The guys and their Fireball!

My handsome groom :)

After all of that was taken care of, we made our way to the first looks!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Harry Potter NYE Party

Hello, hello!

I know, it's super weird I disappeared for a couple months and just show up out of the blue. And with a themed party that is three weeks late. But I'm just going to jump right back into it! I finally miss blogging. It took awhile. But there is SO much happening this year and I am excited to document it all! 

And I am dying to get into wedding recaps, so look out for those soon.

Without further ado, our Harry Potter NYE party!

So Tom and I are really, really into themed parties, and we have loved hosting parties at our new house. We came up with this theme two weeks before our party and really went all out. We wanted to do something that would split people into teams, and thought the sorting hat would do a good job. The pictures are a little blurry and all over at times, which I think is testament to how much fun we were having.

First up, my golden snitches. These were just Ferrero Rocher candies with wax paper wings taped to them. I thought they turned out really cute!

Then there were the wands. This project was Tom's baby. He took wooden rods, sanded the ends to look a bit more wand-like, put hot glue on them in different designs, and spray-painted them however he wanted. Everyone at the party got to take one home. These turned out WAY better than anticipated, in my opinion.

 I was ridiculously proud of this one because it was my own idea...haha. An hour or so before midnight we did the "Goblet of Fire" shot round!

We kept our Christmas garlands and wreaths up and just put my extensive owl collection in them to be on-theme. Luckily I have a very excessive amount of owls.

Here is where we kept the ties we printed out for everyone, along with our score-keeping system: jars with beads in them.

On to the activities!

There was Diagon Alley, where the wands and chocolate coins were handed out:

 Next up was Charms Class. We had to say "wingardium leviosa" and keep our owl balloons in the air:

 Yes, we did turn our Christmas tree into a wizard.

 We also hid some snitches, also known as ping pong balls spray painted gold, and hid them around for extra points. I wrote that poem myself. #somuchtalent


Next up was wand dueling. We got these giant Nerf darts, put them on the ends of the wands, and had to try to shoot them at each other. 

 Here is RavenPAW's only member, Winnie.

 The Bertie Bott's challenge to see who could handle the disgustingness. No joke, our basement smelled like rotten eggs, garbage and moldy cheese for awhile. The beans were so gross that one party-goes had to leave from nausea. If you decide to incorporate Bertie Bott's beans at your party, proceed with caution!

 Beer pong quidditch! We made the center rings out of spray painted paper plates and wooden rods rooted in a big piece of styrofoam. You can also see the floating candles I made out of toilet paper rolls and LED tea lights. They looked awesome when the lights were off!

 Activities not pictured: Our flying owls (paper airplanes) and the sorting hat process. We also had champagne combined with food coloring for each house at midnight!

FYI, Slytherin won. We later learned they cheated, as to be expected.

Here's the group after it was all said and done!

Monday, November 2, 2015


Thomas and I got married a little more than a week ago, on October 24.

It was a beautiful, perfect day filled with all the people we love, pumpkin cake and a ton of dancing. And I am officially thrilled to not be wedding planning anymore.  :)

Being married feels completely natural for us. We are happily settling into homeownership, enjoying time with our pets, cooking, and planning for our honeymoon this spring.

We have some sneak peek photos but I am SO excited for the pro pics!

Love, the Heuermanns

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