Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blast from the past

It's the strangest thing, visiting a place where you once spent years of your life, but no longer being a part of it.

It's like an old friendship or relationship.
You see that person and think, "Wow, once upon a time, you were the first person I would call in the morning, and the last person I'd talk to at night."

I think that's kind of what it's like visiting your old high school.
You spent a chunk of your life living in those hallways, with all the drama and the stories and the ghosts that came along with it, and suddenly you go back and need a visitor's pass to come within a block of the place.
And new students are in your classroom, your desk, hiding leftover food in your locker.

That's how it was last night, when my boyfriend showed me where he went to high school.

They were putting on a musical, so even though it was a Saturday night, we were able to sneak in. And we roamed about, looking at the photos of his friends, parents and grandparents hung along the wall.

I went to school a couple hundred miles away from him, but it felt just like being back at my own high school. Long hallways, bad lighting, awards proudly displayed. 

It was nice to hear the stories about who he was in high school, long(ish) before I ever met him.

We also walked around the park.

And then I went out with my roommates for food and ice cream. Hilarity ensued. 

P.S.-We drove past the Bartonville mental hospital, AKA one of the most haunted locales in Illinois. See the story below, if you dare....

All in all, it was a splendid weekend. I just love early spring.

Hope you have a great week!


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