Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 in Review (CAUTION: Whole lotta' photos)

Ahh 2012.

It has NOT been boring in the slightest. Lots of ups and downs. But I decided to shovel up a boatload of pictures from the year. I'm not kidding, this post is a serious commitment. So you might want a warm beverage first.

Also, I wrote this all up and put the photos in, and then noticed that they are all in the correct months, but out of order in the way I described them.

So after unsuccessfully attempting to fix them all, you have to guess which ones go together. 

Like a puzzle, yay!

Without further ado, the major photo drop.


Celebrated the New Year as a flapper at a gangster party. Went to D.C. for school for two weeks. Observed homeless men, gorgeous architecture, met new friends, watched a lot of Pretty Little Liars, got super skilled at riding the subway, and had an incredible time. 
Redid a thrift store bookshelf.
Came back to school, prepared for the next semester to begin and celebrated our return to campus with some friends.


Celebrated my 21st in a swirl of pink, sugar, owls, socks and wonderful friends. Took a lot of strange photos and drank strawberry rum. Had some red velvet cupcakes. Went to Boston to celebrate with my mom and aunt. Drank mimosas on the plane at my mother's request. Had a wine tour in Harvard Square and stopped by Salem. Took photos of all the owl things I own. Went to Chicago with the newspaper staff for newspaper awards.


Put out the last newspaper before spring break. Went to visit my dad in St. Louis for spring break, and visited the zoo and some wineries. Became obsessed with a Nora Robert's series. Started writing the first of a series of novels I am working on. Made a lot of vegetable soup and had wine for dinner most nights. Enjoyed unseasonably warm weather. Was part of a host of journalists for a congressional debate.


Had a couple really tough weeks. Got a haircut. Celebrated the last week of the newspaper. Lost my camera charger for awhile. Co-hosted a superhero birthday for my boyfriend with my roommates. Went to a church dinner with my roommates. Enjoyed Jess's faux-pasta cupcakes. Attempted to get an earring out of the sink (thank you Thomas.) Spent lots of time at my favorite coffee shop. Anticipated summer constantly.


Finished finals. Went to Galena with my mom, aunt and their college friend. Started two new internships. Celebrated one year with my love at our first date site. Went to baseball games. Raised baby chickens.


Attended two weddings. Went go-karting. Visited a turkey. Covered Asian Carp story; encountered Asian Carp. Had a water fight with the family. Stopped by a festival. The weather got super hot.


Celebrated Fourth of July with two days off work and a dip in the pool. Saw Spiderman. Watched the sun come up. Confessed that I once owned a Jar Jar Binks chair. Attended a party on a lake. Went to a local concert. Being someone who can't handle extremes, I cursed the intense heat every single day. Took an excursion around town to dig up some info on a story I was doing.
Looked forward to fall.


Almost died in a summer storm on a visit to Chicago. Took a tour throw a massive cemetery in the blinding heat for a story. Visited Springfield with Thomas, and made a video montage of our excursion. 
School started up again, launching me into the odd world that is senior year, and another year of the newspaper.


Attended a couple festivals. Ate a lot of pumpkin ice cream. Spent lots of quality time with friends. Attempted to adjust to being back in class.


Fully embraced the arrival of fall. Continued working on the room that will be for Tom and I when we graduate (!) My best friend got engaged! Got an additional job. And I pretty much abandoned the blog for a few weeks while I got my head back on straight.


Visited the farm with some friends, celebrated a year and a half with Tommy, went to the Carrie Underwood concert, attended Thanksgiving at the farm and started final papers. Phew! November was crazy.


Made it through finals. Obtained better grades than planned. (SCORE.) Had a lot of introspective moments. Thought about Newtown a lot, and still am. Celebrated the holidays with the roomies, celebrated Christmas with Tommy in a little B & B, and came down with a three week bout of sickness that I am still trying to get over. Hoping to ditch it in time for New Year's! Curled up in my new owl hat for funsies with a fever. Got to see family and friends, and my pup.

Adios 2012! I am so looking forward to 2013, it's going to be a very big year for lots of reasons.

The best part? We survived the Mayan Apocalypse. 

All the more reason to celebrate.


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  1. So many fabulous pictures - looks like it was a great year!

    Cheers to 2013!!


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