Monday, February 4, 2013

My thoughts on...turning 22

So how about that Superbowl power outage, huh?

Beyonce sucked the life out of that stadium.


My 22nd birthday is two days away.

I just want to take this moment to point out how much variety occurs from 20-something to 20-something.

In high school, for example, people are pretty much at the same phase of life. 

People go to dances or football games and join clubs and take similar classes and graduate.
But then they graduate, and things take a totally different turn.

However, I know several 22-year-olds who have a couple kids, are pregnant, engaged, several years into a career, or are just learning how to boil water.

It's kind of a cool time because there is no real recipe for how to do it. 

(And, as fun as 21 was, I'm ready for it to be done.)

But I have a feeling that 21 is going to pale in comparison to 22!

Here are 22 things I am looking forward to in my 22nd year:


2.) Training the new staff for the newspaper.

3.) Flying to Ireland (in about a month!) with my family and boyfriend.

4.) Moving in with my boyfriend.

5.) The exciting/draining/horrifying job hunt.

6.) Finishing up my novels and sending them out to publishers.

7.) Relaxing in the pool with friends.

8.) Meeting new friends in this town when I'm out in the job force.

9.) Seeing "Safe Haven." (I loved the book!)

10.) Visiting my friends at their new homes/apartments.

11.) Seeing my friend's and some family members' new babies! So many babies in 2013!

12.) Roadtrippin' to Chi-town with the newspaper staff. Always a treat.

13.) Being broke and slightly uncertain and young. It is a fun time that I'd like to remember.

14.) NOT attending 21st birthday parties. There was one every weekend last year!

15.) Girls' weekends and celebrating my friends' birthdays!

16.) Celebrating two wonderful years with my Tommy :)

17.) It's still kind of exciting to legally buy wine and margaritas..

18.) I officially feel like I am "in my twenties." 21 felt like practice.

19.) It's a nice even number. I like that.

20.) Birthday shopping. Just because.

21.) No one is going to make me take shots. (Hopefully.)

22.) This is the first year of my life not planned out. Since I was little, I planned through 21. Aaaand it kind of stopped there. This was the metaphorical cliff, and beyond it is a free-fall.

And I have to say, I'm excited for the view.

(And because I do not know of other 22 songs...)

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