Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goals, and orthopedic shoes

I have seen some other bloggers share their monthly goals (like Raine and Skye and Shelby) and I think it's brilliant! I actually have some concrete goals to share this month, so here we go:

1.) Get settled into new job. Feel more confident at the end of the month than at the beginning.
Well, duh. That's usually how things progress. Today was my second day, and I felt significantly more confident than I did yesterday.

2.) Create author website.
I am supposed to make one for my book launch at the end of the month. I should probably get on that, yeah?

3.) Write at least 15,000 words of new book.
Right. My book is part one of a three-part series. So that means the other two should probably get written. Eventually. This will be the most challenging goal to hold myself to.

4.) Make at least (set amount in my head that changes regularly) in side hustles.
This should be pretty easy, actually. I have a couple little side jobs I work on here and there. But I want to make sure I don't forget them.

5.) Work out every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Working on it. Oh, wait. Today is Tuesday...

So speaking of the new job, I am pleased to say things are going well! I haven't had great experiences in the past, so I have been pleasantly surprised to be settling in so well. 

There is just one thing...everyone is way more stylish than I am. Especially their shoes. I work with mostly females, all of them spanning a wide spectrum of ages. 

Most of them wear super cute heels and makeup and just generally look glamorous. I make myself look professional, but I am still all about the comfort. ALL about it. So while they rock their heels, I waltz into work wearing these orthopedic beauties I bought at DSW last week:

Heck yes! Do I get extra points because they're Mary Janes? 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh, I'm excited to see your author website!! And yay for settling into work better than expected. Go, you!
    I love your goals especially writing at least 15,000 words. How do you force yourself to write when you're.. stuck or uninspired? I feel like lately I've been hitting walls and it's frustrating.
    Yes, you do get extra points for Mary Janes. I LOVE Mary Janes but I haven't owned a pair in ages.

    1. Writing when you're just not feeling it is SO hard! Usually I have to remind myself that no one else has to read it but me, and if it's bad, I can redo it later. But I'm still not great at it haha. Coffee always helps! :)

  2. How exciting about the new job and the author website! I would love to hear more about your book that is coming out!


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