Thursday, March 6, 2014

On becoming a published author

This whole book thing started at a coffee shop in March of 2012. Spring Break, actually. I was home at my apartment while everyone else left, and I loved that time. It was unseasonably warm and it was beautiful.

My favorite writing spot at my favorite coffee shop with the greatest almond butter croissant that ever existed!

Here are some posts from that time in my life:

Other than that, over the course of TWO YEARS, I haven't talked much about my book series. Because it was only going to be for me.

So, here are ten facts about my book!

1.) Yes, it is a romance.
2.) It is a very light read. Think Summertime, or Spring Break. I'm not going to lie and tell you it's the deepest, most important book every written, because it's not. It's completely for fun.
3.) It is one in a three-part series.
4.) It revolves around one character in a group of three friends. The following two books will each revolve around the other two characters.
5.) The second book is a little darker. I am working very hard to get the story just right, but usually it kind of writes itself as I go. So it will probably end up totally different.
6.) Books two and three aren't written yet. Ahhhh!
7.) It took me six months to find a publisher who wanted it. I figured it would take like...five years?
8.) It will most likely be in e-book format/pdf.
9.) I can pretty much guarantee it will cost less than $5, and will definitely be available on amazon, Barnes and noble's site, etc.
10.) I got to help design the cover! But I haven't seen it completed yet, so you know as much as I do.

And one more, the release date is March 31st!! That is a little terrifying because I still don't really believe it's happening.

Random people can download something I wrote to keep me sane at the crack of dawn when I just didn't feel like studying anymore. And that is incredible to me.

After it comes out, I want to write more about the actual pitching and rejection and getting published cycle of it. For now, feel free to ask me anything about the process! I will post short updates on the progress each week until it comes out, as well as when the next books will be out.

This isn't even like I have a huge wall at the book store. This is an e-book that maybe 50 of my closest friends and family will buy for their Kindles. But if you choose to read it and it brightens your day a little bit, then the whole process was completely worthwhile.


Oh, p.s. The title is "Brewed." As in coffee.  (:


  1. That is a great title! Excited for you! x

  2. Wow! That is such an accomplishment! I would love to read it!


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