Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012: Flappers, D.C., sausage and Pretty Little Liars

Hello, and happy new year!

I just love the new year. Nothing is better than cracking open a brand-new calendar, hanging it up and wondering what kinds of things the year will bring. (And with 2012, there's plenty of speculation...)

A quick recap:

I spent New Year's with my family in teeny tiny Aledo, IL. We attended a 1920's Speakeasy murder mystery! Pictures to come, once I've got them. I happened to forget the battery to my new camera that I was just SO excited to use. Of course.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend was sick. The. Whole. Time. But he was a trooper and came out for the party, so it was a good time! (Since I won't see him for two weeks, I am posting this. Because I miss him.)

Me and Tom, enjoying Photobooth.

Now, I'm in Washington, D.C. for the first time in my life for an academic seminar, and it has been quite an experience.

A note on airports: I LOVE airports. I consider them to be great equalizers. Unless you have a private jet, everybody has to go through the airport if they want to go anywhere. The security, hauling luggage around...no one is spared, no matter how important you may be. And you could be sitting next to an up and coming musician, a famous chef, the future president, a serial killer...you have no clue, and I think that's kind of cool.
Unless they're a serial killer.
Less cool.

So anyway, I get on this airplane, fly to D.C., step off the plane, and the first thing I see out the window is the Washington Monument. It actually took my breath away. It's one thing to see something over and over again in books and movies, but it's another entirely to see it in person.

Then, feeling incredibly grown-up, I hailed a cab. The cab driver was this older, very well-spoken man. He told me all about what it was like living in D.C., where he has spent his entire life. Then, he said something I thought was pretty clever: "The politics in this country are like sausage. No one wants to see what truly goes into it or how it comes together, they just want the end result."

So, yes. Democracy in this country=Sausage. Thank you, taxi driver.

I spent the evening meeting my roommates (one from Cali, one from Massachusetts, one from NY, all great girls) and attempting to navigate my way to the nearest grocery store. Which is called Harriet Streeter. Henry Steeter? Harris Teeter. I think Harris Teeter is right. 

Oh, and we watched/thoroughly discussed the season premier of Pretty Little Liars. Go ahead, pass your judgements. 

Today was...exhausting to say the least. Hours of speakers, small group discussions, touring in the freezing cold, etc., etc. But I do have this to say...D.C. is absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures of today's adventures, more to come later!

Me in front of the Capitol Building...it's REALLY hard to see, but it's there!

Capitol Building

Me, my roommate Rachel and a statuesque Thomas Jefferson. He's there too, it's just hard to see.

Pretty D.C. sunset

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Outside the Lincoln Memorial. Definitely my favorite spot of the day.

Washington Monument

My roommates Alicia, Daniela and Rachel at the Marine Corps Memorial

Marine Corps Memorial-Love this one

Korean War Veterans Memorial

And now, back to some paper writing. Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love this first post in Washington! You will see what I mean about being awed by all of the enormous, old government buildings and monuments. I especially liked your picture of the Lincoln Memorial. The play of light made it look like there was a golden portal to somewhere special at the far end of that view.
    Politics might as well be sausage at this point. We can only hope for a better cut of meat in the future.....
    Stay aware, stay safe, sweet girl!


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