Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pretty Factor

Things are a little dreary 'round these parts.
Dingy. Bleak. Wintery. Stressful.
Such is January, the start of a semester and, mostly, my job.

So there are a few necessary steps to fixing that issue:
*Have a cupcake.
*Hit the gym.
*Rearrange some furniture.
*Eat dinner with good friends.
*Buy nail polish.

I have accomplished all of this in a 24-hour period, among other things.


You know what I love? Dinner. With my good friends/ roommates.

I made this thing!

Some tart...thing. So delicious!

Anywho. Today (in between classes and writing and eating a whole lotta oreos) I have been thinking about ads. And makeup. And really, the entire beauty industry and its portrayal in the media.

In fact, my go-to last year when I was stressed was to head to the nearest drug store and pick up something pretty, that I would probably use once.

But then today, I walked into CVS, skimmed the beauty aisle, and promptly left. Because lately, that stuff isn't what makes me feel beautiful.

I don't know if it's him (i.e. boyfriend)...

Or being too busy or just plain old maturity, but I've wised up to the consumerist beauty game, and I don't buy it. I feel prettiest first thing in the morning, or when I'm working out or just being incredibly focused on something. That's where real beauty comes from.

But don't get me wrong...I love a little beauty loot every now and again. (Guilty pleasure: Sundresses. And any kind of shimmery lotion.)

But it's just nice that now, I don't rely on that stuff to feel pretty. It's all about the outlook!

So tell me...what/who makes you feel pretty?

1 comment:

  1. a new nail polish definitely makes me feel pretty! essie rocks.
    xo the egg out west.


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