Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Girls

Sometimes the women in my life drive me absolutely insane.

Sometimes we cry at dumb things.

We always laugh at dumb things.

A lot of them are stuck with me forever because they know too much.

I have seen them through break-ups, make-ups, engagements, pregnancies, proms, college, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

 (Dear friends, there are a lot of you I lack pictures with. Let's work on that.)

This weekend I was at Chili's with Tom.
There was a table full of females being loud and raucous and chit-chatting away.

I had to explain to Tom that that's how it goes when girls get together.
For some reason, all girls in a group, no matter who they are, all kind of behave the same.
If they're among friends.

Fast-talking, martini-drinking, gossip-heavy fun ensues.
And boys just don't understand it.
It is, indeed, just like it is in the movies.

I have been on a lot of friend dates this week, and I think it is SO important to our well-being to make sure that happens.
Movies (including "Silver Linings Playbook," Loved it!), yoga, grocery shopping, coffee, whatever it may be.
It's really quite rejuvenating, in a way that hanging out with boys just isn't. (Sorry, guys!)
It's not worse, just different.
We get each other. And our stereotypical quest for chocolate.

Since the semester kicks off tomorrow, I know things are about to get absolutely nuts.
But I am looking forward to reconnecting with all the ladies I have missed over break.
And, frankly, a lot of them I won't get to see nearly as often after this semester.

So I plan to take up as much of their time as I'm allowed while I still have them so close.

1 comment:

  1. Love that quote. So true.

    And yes, we get loud. Like really loud. That's why it's fun! (And we need to hear each other)


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