Monday, September 3, 2012


Well, hello!

I have been M.I.A. for awhile. 

Let's just say, the first week back at school and the newspaper SLAMMED me.

But now I think I am used to the insanity, and I can resume blogging!

First, a brief recap of things on my camera:

My roommate Katie. I adore this picture. (Sorry Katie, I love you!)

Part of the staff, in an awkward newspaper family photo in the new office.

My uncle coaching my cousin's football team. It's kind of hilarious to watch five-year-olds run around in massive shoulder pads. Like rocks with legs.

My babies and me. Funny face time.

(No, they are not really my babies. But I would steal them from my aunt if I could.)

My cousins' pirate ship, constructed by my grandpa and my uncle. How cool is this?!

When did September get here?! Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled. Fall is the absolute best time of the year.
But seriously, it snuck up on us.

Also, bear with me, (is that the correct "bear" in this sense? Things I should know...) because I am currently undergoing a kind of blog identity crisis. It will be one year old in November, and I am thinking about what direction to take things. So, I will likely do some layout and post content changes in the next few weeks.

Happy September!


  1. Hey! That crossword puzzle was hard.

  2. ugh, september really did sneak up on us. it was May just two seconds ago. and love the awkward family portrait haha i need to force my friends into one =P

  3. I'm so excited fall is here :) It's actually raining today.

    That pirate ship is awesome!


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