Friday, September 14, 2012

On college, selves, and endless writing.

This is me most days.

With the campus newspaper I am the editor for, a rather disheveled appearance, no makeup, looking a little zombie-like, sitting in the newsroom, and yes, that is a pen behind my ear.

I have spent three, going on four years, in this room.
It is where most of my college career has taken place, and where half of the memories have been formed.

Where wildly inappropriate, yet witty, jokes have been tossed around. Where way too many french fries and pizza have been consumed, particularly during stressful weeks. Where we broke a window trying to kill a wasp. And where I went from reporter to editor, from freshman to senior. 

It's not an easy job.
But it is incredibly worthwhile.

I am what most would call a people-pleaser, and there is no room for that in this job.
Case in point: Let's say I write an editorial that is less than glistening about some new campus program. Then we distribute 5,000 copies of it around campus. Someone will not be pleased, guaranteed. And they will likely tell me so.
Words have power.
I didn't realize quite how much until I started this job.

It's something I'm still getting used to.

But I don't know that a job in the media is what I will ultimately end up with. It could, but I don't know.

Do you ever think about that?
Go one path, and you could be this person.
Take the other, and you'll be someone else entirely.
But both paths could be completely satisfying, in their own right.

That's the hardest part about senior year.
What now?

To be honest, I want to write books. I have ideas for about seven as of now, and I've started on three. One is very close to being done.
Ever since I was little, that was my dream. I loved telling stories. Still do.

So anytime I get panicky about what I might do with my life, I try to sit down and write a little more.
And it always feels like that's exactly what I was born to do.

Aaaaand end rant.

Pumpkin Festival this weekend!
Happy Friday :)

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  1. Wow that is so great! You could be the next great writer, you have a lot of talent. It's sad sometimes how much I can let someones negative words effect me.


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