Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY little jar thingies

I eat baby food.

Yes, it's true. 

But let me lay it out for you...they are cheap, they're easy to bring to work and it's real fruit (I don't eat the chicken and potatoes type stuff)  so it's a quick, healthy snack. My friend actually gave me the idea, and seeing as how I am always hungry but also fairly broke, I thought I'd try it out.

My roommate was awfully concerned the first time she came home and found baby food on the counter.

So was my boyfriend.
Rightfully so.

Anyway, I like to keep the jars because they're cute and little and I just knew something could become of them.

So in a random DIY fit one morning last week, I created these little guys.

I wrapped some grey sparkly yarn around the jar (part of it was still sticky from the label so that made it easy) and the silver swirls are a sticker I found on clearance at Michael's. I made a second one and used it to store paper clips, but I definitely want to make some more. 

Tomorrow is the first day of classes! Woo!


  1. That looks so cute! I must try it.

  2. I can't imagine eating baby food now, but I remember when we were kids, my siblings and I were always trying to steal all of the fruit baby food jars out of the cupboard (my mom had them for whichever sibling was the baby at the time) and eat them because they were so yummy!
    They do make cute little candle holders too!

  3. Great DIY project, I love making stuff out of jars!


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