Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cake Pops, attempt #1


So finals are done, and, as promised, here are the cake pops I tried out yesterday!

Since it was my first time, they weren't the prettiest. But that's okay, because they were delicious. Truly. Since I'm heading to St. Louis on Friday, I made a batch for my boyfriend and his family for Christmas. 
I felt like Martha Stewart.
For someone who can't cook, that was pretty grand.
(I especially like the spiky one with the white chocolate chips. It looks like a prickly pear! But...not really.)

So since school and work are done for the time being, I have plenty of time to do nothing, so I will have no choice but to do a whole lot of crafting. I'm making all my Christmas gifts this year, so I'm okay with the extra time.

Happy Wednesday to everyone!



  1. Ahh, I've gotta try these cake pops everyone is talking about! Happy holidays!

  2. Definitely try them, they are outstanding! The hard chocolate on the outside keeps them moist on the inside, so they never even dry out. So great.


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