Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yummy & Swirly

It's our last week at the newspaper for the semester, so I decided to make my staff some cupcakes. And let me tell you, they were heavenly. And they went very quickly. So make lots.

Vanilla Red Velvet-Swirl Cupcakes

White cake mix, plus box ingredients
Red cake mix, plus box ingredients
Vanilla frosting

1. Make the batter in separate bowls.

2. Pour cups one-third full with red velvet, add one tablespoon white cake batter, swirl with a knife.

3. Bake.

4. Frost. Decorate. Eat!

Despite the poor quality of cell phone camera, you can tell these are pretty amazing. And red velvet is splendidly delicious, and the swirls look festive. So bake and enjoy!

I'm so excited to get a camera for Christmas. I'm going to take pictures of everything, so prepare yourselves.

Also, random note on these cupcakes: It was my roommate (and one of my best friends...we've lived together since freshman year!) Katie's 21st birthday yesterday, and since I had leftover cupcakes, we put candles in one for her. Then the rest of us grabbed one and had a birthday toast. It was precious, I'll put pictures up when I've got them.

Happy Thursday! It's December already. Crazy, right?


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  1. the cakes look so yummy! :D thank you for follow me. i'm follow you now


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