Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving at the farm

So while I slave over papers and homework and the final newspaper of the semester, here are some photos from my Thanksgiving at the farm. 
Which was crazy, but looks mighty serene in snapshots. It reminds me that no matter how hectic life may get, there is always somewhere nearby to escape to where the mornings are quiet and the nights starry and calm.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The ride of life

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 
― Douglas Adams

I sometimes think life is a bit like a roller coaster. 

By the time it gets going, there's no getting off. No turning back.

Suddenly you're strapped in, your sunglasses fell off your head, the guy behind you is screaming uncontrollably and you wonder what would happen if the entire thing veered off the track.
Some parts are horribly uncomfortable, 
and others make you feel like everything is weightless and serene. 
The dips always lead to a turn, and whenever you hit a low, a high point isn't far behind.
But no matter what, you're stuck there, feeling every little bump and unexpected flip, until the end.
Some find this exhilarating, others later throw up their chili dog.

I feel like that now. Sometimes I'll be sitting there, doing something completely average, and think "What the hell did I get myself into?" It could be traffic, it could be homework, but whatever it is, I end up looking around, entirely dumbfounded, trying to figure out how I got here, and whose brilliant idea this all was anyway.

What if something happens? What if I get in a car accident, or lose someone I love, or end up a complete and utter failure? What if I lose my future children in the grocery store? Why was I born here, and not somewhere else? Why didn't I consider these things before deciding I should come into this world and deal with all this nonsense in the first place? And where did all of these people come from? There are so. many. people.  

Well, regardless of all that, I'm here. Strapped in, experiencing one rapid twist after the next. Just like the other 7 billion people on this planet. The good news is I haven't yet thrown up a chili dog.

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? Or just during finals season?

Happy Saturday! Do something fun.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Thanks

I am a very, very anxious person.
I attribute that to an overactive imagination, which comes in handy for a writer, except for when I'm just trying to live my everyday life.

I have been in anxiety overload lately because it is nearing the end of the semester, and EVERYTHING is due.

For example, I am devoting my entire night to the library to complete a final project that is due tomorrow.

But that aside, this is a good week. There is a no newspaper to complete, only two days of school and work, and then I am off to the farm.

It's at times like these, when I have zero time to go to the gym or eat proper meals or take care of my physical appearance at all, that I try to step back and see the bigger picture. Why I'm in school, why the late nights are worth it, and, most importantly, that there is only ONE semester of college left after this. And one day, I just might miss that musty old library and the buzz of students frantically finishing their work.

But truly, all I want right now is a major Turkey hangover. That sounds blissful.

Speaking of blissful, here are some photos from our year-and-a-half celebration a couple weekends ago.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

Burning the Midnight Oil

So I'm feeling a bit delirious. Because exactly one month from now my second to last semester of college will be over. And yet, I already have a final paper due tomorrow? Somehow?

Well, I know how, actually. It's a rough draft that's not for a grade but we still have to do it or we will get docked points later.
(Not that that matters to you at all...)

Anyway, I have a tradition that I like to do. When November rolls around, and I am inevitably sitting in the library with the other hundred or so depressed and exhausted students slaving away on their procrastinations, I like to take a picture of myself in the midst of all the madness. Because, I don't know, I want to look back at it and remember I survived?

(Photo does not include half of my face. Trust me, I look like the walking dead.)

And I'm juuuuuust getting to that point where my second wind is coming around and the caffeine is kicking in. So about an hour or so until the crash. 

I've got my all-nighters down to a science.
And truthfully? I feel pretty good right now. Despite the thousand words I still have to crank out yet.

Post grads out there, do you guys miss these nights? I feel like I will, in some weird kind of way. It's just so collegiate feeling, being up all night in the library, ya know?

Anywho, we are officially past midnight here, so happy Friday!
Cheers to a wonderful, restful (hopefully) weekend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hanging in there

November, at least this November, is what I fondly refer to as "hell month."

Things are crazy, and there are about a million things to do over the next few weeks. But in just one month from now, it will all be over! Almost. Still one semester after that.

But November will be good, all the same. Exhausting maybe, but good.

Last weekend we got to head out to my aunt's in-laws' farm for some much-needed R&R before insanity set in. We had martinis (my friends did at least. I was sick, and had some tea...not as exciting) and played with dogs, and it was lovely.

Us hanging out with Sue down at the farm!
I love getting away to quiet, relaxed places. You can actually hear yourself think out there, and I've never seen so many stars. 

No, it was not snowing. This is a picture from last December. But it still perfectly portrays the serenity of the farm.

Also, Happy Election Day! And by that I mean, let's celebrate the end of this nonsense. 
My blogging will be fairly sparse until Thanksgiving thanks to the rush of final projects, but I promise to show up every now and again!
Happy Tuesday! :)

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