Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Living the day

To the women out there-I think many of us have this problem.

OR...I am just special. To be determined.

I think I was born with a to-do list in mind. I was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day, but I arrived a week early. Not shocking. I'm an early bird, after all.

I remember keeping a to-do list at six.
At ten.
Every single day for the past seven years, at least.

Now that's a little frightening.

You'd think something like that would get worse with age. Like I'd have to control every facet of every day.

Well...I do. BUT. While everyone around me seems to be panicking about jobs, money, etc., I've realized that life is absolutely what we make it.
And every day deserves a moment for reflection and friendship. Or chocolate cake. Pick your poison.

We all know things are changing. Things are uncertain. The unemployment rate sucks. Odds of college graduates getting jobs are on the (really) low end. The water we drink could give us cancer. The earth could be swallowed whole by a super volcano any day now.

And guess what? None of that matters. If finding a job is tough, I'll work at McDonald's until I figure it out. If someone, or me, gets sick, we will get through it. And if the earth gets swallowed whole, well, I want to know that I lived until the day I died.

Plans are great. They keep life in order. But sometimes veering off the 20-item to-do list is just what your soul needs to remember it's part of a living, breathing being who's time here is limited. 

Laughing with friends, springtime thunder storms, holding a sleeping baby and taking weekend excursions are what makes a life lived. I think. I'm 21, people, what do I really know.

Side note: I've never planned love. If I had, I would have forbade dating until after college, moved to Ireland and open a coffee shop. (Probably.)
But I've got something much better. A boy who I truly love, plain and simple, and friends and family who I will continue to live in the same country with.

That's what I call perfection.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Tales

Thank god for the weekend.

We're not even halfway through the semester yet and I'm already itching for some summer sunshine. Or at least for leaves to grow back.

My cousin, my bro and me partying in the Dominican Republic. Sweet moves are in our DNA.

Anyway, this weekend was a lot of fun. Tom and I trekked off to the farm to visit my family and get out of Peoria for the night.

We ate really good food. And slept. It was a dream come true.

In that picture behind him, we found four deer hidden in it! In case you needed to know. Like Where's Waldo with deer.

And then Katie wanted to see this band play called Wedding Banned, and they were pretty hilarious. They were at this bar right by campus, and it was my first time really experiencing the bar scene.

All I know is that the girls were wearing dresses entirely too tiny for winter, and the guys really loved "Come on, Eileen."

                                               Thank you to the creepy man who kept following Kara for taking this photo.

As for today, there's a lot to be done. But at some point I will be curling up with a Nora Roberts book. Excited.

Last night's song:

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The deal with the owls

A little background info on me-I have a lot of owls.

Like, it's becoming a thing.
And I couldn't tell you when it truly began.

They're everywhere now. On my furniture, in my hair, on my hands. Maybe it's because they're cute, or because they make me feel like Harry Potter. But either way, I'm glad to have them and their bulgy eyes and razor-sharp talons as my constant companions.

I love that one-my Valentine's day present from Tom for our first Valentine's together! The boy even got that locket from my favorite jewelry brand (Fossil) without even knowing what it is. Good work, boyfriend. Good work.

And this is Merlin, my adopted baby from my roommates for my birthday! Look how precioussss.

I told Tom we need to head to the Linkin Park Zoo for our one year in May to go say hi to him. My roommates are the best.

Also, since when is it Tuesday?! Insanity. But I'll be out in the boonies this weekend for some good old-fashioned fun...more on THAT later.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boston, Part 2: The tale of the scary creatures

So I'm like a week or so late with this, but there's many more posts to come today/tomorrow, so enjoy!

Anyway, here is the rest of our Boston excursion.

Our Saturday started out with a morning trip back to Salem to hit up the shops we didn't see before. But, as luck would have it, they didn't open until 11. So we didn't really see the shops.

But we did have some pretty sweet lattes.
And saw the cutest little puppy ever.
And saw an ice sculpture pirate ship.

But the real fun...ohhh that came later...

How great is Boston? I seriously think I need to go back in the summer when there's flowers and all that. It has to be so beautiful.

Now about the scary creatures.

So we get on this train. And there are these HUGE, terrifying dogs with spiky collars. Granted, they may have been the sweetest dogs ever. I have no idea. Regardless, they were pit bulls. And when the conductor came by and hit a roll of quarters near their seat, they were not pleased.

They barked. And one jumped down.
So the lady behind them was like, "Don't let those dogs down, that's not right."
So then this massive, scary man starts threatening that lady! He's all "Leave those dogs alone or I'll slit your threat. I'll shoot you." And that was laced with various expletives.

That went on for half an hour. Then we had a cab driver who enjoyed going 60 in a 25 around tight bends. 
Fun? Debatable. 
Memorable? Oh yes.

The next morning we stayed in, got some rest, and then trekked home.

And then came the week, which was pretty interesting in itself. As for tonight, I've got some work to do, then shutting in for the night with the boy and a movie.


= Just what I need.

Have a good week!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Boston: Part 1

Since there was a bunch of things all happening at once, I've got a whole lotta posts to toss out there in the next few days. Be ready!

So we will just start from the beginning.

Thursday night I headed on home to leave for Boston bright and early Friday morning with my mom and my aunt.

My mom's pretty excited I'm 21, you see. For example, we get on the plane (at like...9 a.m.) And she promptly asks the flight attendant for a mimosa. 
Which apparently, you can only get in first class...so it continued like this:

Me: "I'm good with regular orange juice."
Mom: "But it's her 21st birthday!"
*Flight attendant leaves, brings us orange juice*
Attendant: "Drink that slowly, I will be right back..."
Me: "Um?"
*Flight attendant returns, hands us unmarked bag with two bottles of champagne.*
Attendant: "Now just don't do what I did on my 21st! I went out to this bar and drank a bunch of shots and ended up on the floor, these guys had to carry me out."
Me: "Oh..."

There's my mom, adding a little bubbly life to our orange juice before noon. At 30,000 feet.

So we land, head to our hotel and then hit the road to Salem. The windy, woody, 
Dunkin' Donuts-infested road.
Ooh yes, those people love them some Dunkin'.

Anywho, first stop Salem!

We stopped at a psychic, visited a witch museum, had some wine, some more wine, and some Irish coffee (personal favorite!) And then we were off to bed at 9. For real. It was heaven.

Update 2 to come soon! And by the way, happy {almost} Valentine's Day.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday update: #2

Birthday treat to myself: I skipped my night class. So that I would have more time to clean and study for Spanish. Exciting? Well, for a Monday, definitely.

Then I lounged around a bit and headed to Starbucks with my friend Kristin. In all honesty, I was a bit down this afternoon, but some Starbucks, cupcakes and a little Hart of Dixie perked me right up.

Birthday wish. (Fun fact: I've never wished on a birthday candle. BUT candles look pretty, so they're worth lighting!)

Red velvet cupcakes and flowers, courtesy of Kristin. Card from Katie. And cute cup, thank you Starbucks!


Now for pj's, Spanish homework and a cozy night in. Have a good week!

A 21st birthday post: #1

I am doing this because I want to remember this day.

...not because the alcohol will steal all my memories, no. But because it's Monday, and sometimes Mondays get lost in the humdrum of things.

Here I am, eating soup. Do I look older?

Always eat your vegetables, kids.

Now, my roommates told me not to work today. So don't tell them, but it has been a VERY productive day! I'm in a working mood. No desire to party. But I know by 7:30 tonight I'll be out drinking chocolate martinis, so I'll just have to deal with it.

A rundown of my day. Pure monotony, but again, I'd like to look back on this day and say "yes, I do remember doing that boring thing."

1. Went to my favorite coffee shop (Thirty-Thirty). Had a croissant and green tea to go. Parked in the hospital lot, almost got a ticket. Oops.
2. Chatted with the police. Not about anything I did. (Yet.) Kidding! Maybe.
3. Opened up a new savings account to save for...things. Guy at the bank had my same birthday. We celebrated with responsible banking. How grown up I am!
4. Had a meeting on campus.
5. Worked out.
6. Ate vegetable soup (see above) and a birthday cupcake.
7. Found my lost charger.

All before noon! Now, on to do more boring things that seem way cooler thanks to birthdays. For fun, here is the song of the day. Stuck in my head allll week:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My "Like a pink princess puked up happiness" birthday

*About the title of this post: After some confusion, I'd like to clarify that it refers to the decorations in our apartment. I am not the pink princess, and I did not puke up happiness.

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday!

But last night, we celebrated at my apartment with a birthday party.
The theme was weird socks and pink and owls. It worked.

I feasted like it was Christmas, drank like it was St. Patty's Day and partied like it was...my birthday?
Not really. Except for the feasting part. I ate my weight in cupcakes.

So here it is in photo display!

Cards from grandma! 21 of them...

...Most of them with my face on them.

21 birthday cards from my roommates!

Cake balls. Did not make NEARLY enough of these guys.

Sweet table

SO MUCH PINK, thanks to my fantastic roommates!

Aww...thanks Jess :)

Me and Katie. Photo attempt #1 (of many)


There we go. A REAL photo with Kristin.

My socks: Cows. Tom's socks: My Christmas socks.

Me, smashed hat. Tom, new haircut and a Spiderman shirt.

He only looks a little bit scared.

"Kristin, pick me up again. We need a picture to prove you did it!"

Tom's Jenga tower. I liked dropping my phone on the table and making it fall.

The only picture I don't remember taking. Owl blanket?

Also, some memorable quotes from last night:

Me to Katie: "What's your middle name! I need to know so I can yell at you!"
Me to Kristin: "It's not my fault I'm part Native American."
Me to the room: "Make me spell something. I can do it. How about antidisestablishmentarianism?"
Me to Kristin: "The carpet is just moving too fast."

Here's to another great year!

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