Monday, January 30, 2012

The Pretty Factor

Things are a little dreary 'round these parts.
Dingy. Bleak. Wintery. Stressful.
Such is January, the start of a semester and, mostly, my job.

So there are a few necessary steps to fixing that issue:
*Have a cupcake.
*Hit the gym.
*Rearrange some furniture.
*Eat dinner with good friends.
*Buy nail polish.

I have accomplished all of this in a 24-hour period, among other things.


You know what I love? Dinner. With my good friends/ roommates.

I made this thing!

Some tart...thing. So delicious!

Anywho. Today (in between classes and writing and eating a whole lotta oreos) I have been thinking about ads. And makeup. And really, the entire beauty industry and its portrayal in the media.

In fact, my go-to last year when I was stressed was to head to the nearest drug store and pick up something pretty, that I would probably use once.

But then today, I walked into CVS, skimmed the beauty aisle, and promptly left. Because lately, that stuff isn't what makes me feel beautiful.

I don't know if it's him (i.e. boyfriend)...

Or being too busy or just plain old maturity, but I've wised up to the consumerist beauty game, and I don't buy it. I feel prettiest first thing in the morning, or when I'm working out or just being incredibly focused on something. That's where real beauty comes from.

But don't get me wrong...I love a little beauty loot every now and again. (Guilty pleasure: Sundresses. And any kind of shimmery lotion.)

But it's just nice that now, I don't rely on that stuff to feel pretty. It's all about the outlook!

So tell me...what/who makes you feel pretty?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

An ode to coffee and Saturdays

Good morning!

I have to say, this week was brutal. It was the first full week of classes, and the first newspaper of the semester. And nearly everything that could go wrong, found a way to do so.

But it's Saturday morning, and there's nothing I love more! I've got some cinnamon coffee, some oatmeal, and my roommates baked a TON last night, so all is well.

Also, last night I got some time with friends, which I always miss in the muck of a new semester.

That would be Kristin. I made her promise to take a real picture with me for my birthday.


My dad's coming in to visit today, and I'm so excited!

Plus, February is going to be REALLY great, so stay tuned.

Happy Saturday, enjoy it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"What's your favorite hobby?" Crafts, to climb.

That was how I answered a first grade homework assignment. Yes, apparently all I did for seven years of my life were climbing things and the occasional craft.

That's actually probably true.

So anyway, I still enjoy crafting things. Anything, really. When the urge strikes I have no choice but to make something, and most of those things are disasters.

But this time, I'm actually kind of proud of myself!

So I'm a big fan of my room. Like it's probably top five on my list of things I love most in this world. (Fine...probably top ten including family. And chocolate.)

I'm a pretty solitary person, so my room is my sanctuary. And the one I have now at my apartment is probably my favorite by far, not counting the neon orange cube I had in seventh grade.

Anyway, because of this, I like to make things for my room. So when my bookshelf broke, (it was $15. I think it fell apart when I sneezed in its general direction) I was psyched.

I went to a thrift store, found an $8 sturdy wooden bookshelf, and decided to spruce it up a bit. And thanks to my boyfriend and his dad, the top is all polyurethaned up and ready to hold things!

So here it is in all its glory, the fruit of my genius procrastination techniques:



I love newsprint. And owls. 

Here it is all done and settled in!

And these are my little guys: Mini Sherlock and Mini Owl.

Now back to real things!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quick, light lunch (I didn't even burn down the kitchen!)

Hello, and happy Internet blackout day!

I appreciate the statement many sites are making against SOPA and PIPA, but Wikipedia, I really need you right now. Please come back to me.


This year, I've decided to attempt cooking. Not just baking, but With the stove and things.

I like to pay attention to how food makes my body feel, because I really don't have time to feel sick. So yesterday, I made this delicious salad thing that I'm quite proud of! It's healthy, cheap, quick and yummy.

I found the recipe here, but I added my own touches. Yum!

Quinoa, pear & pomegranate salad

-2 pears, chopped
-Seeds from 1 pomegranate
-1/4 cup chives
-14 oz. can chicken broth
-1 cup quinoa
-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
-2 tbsp canola or vegetable oil (or any kind you've got, really)

1. Boil the chicken broth.
2. Add quinoa; bring to a simmer and cover for 15 minutes.
4. Drain quinoa, pour into a bowl.
3. Add chives, pomegranate, pears, vinegar and oil. Combine.
4. Refrigerate for 15 minutes before eating.

That's it! It's even better the next day, and I think I got five or six servings out of that. Definitely New Year's Resolution-approved.'s the first day of classes. Um? What? Here's to another semester, even if began way too soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Highlights of the week: Buddy the Elf, bird poop and Tim the flat cookie's been awhile. And I came home Saturday.

But I have still have a week's worth of D.C. adventures to recap, so here we go! 

First of all, in case you REALLY wanted to is where I lived for two weeks.

The Metro! So expensive, and so very fascinating.

The room that we saw our seminars in every morning. 

The study/lounge thing.

Me and Rachel's room...cozy, right?

Our kitchen/ living room area.

So there's that. 

Now for the weekly highlights!


We slept and slept and SLEPT (as much as we could), and then headed out for some sightseeing at the World War II Memorial... until it got way too cold.

 That's the Washington Monument growing out of Rachel's head.

It snowed. A lot. Completely soaking Daniela and me on our walk home. So us being from states that actually have winter, we weren't too thrilled. Rachel on the other hand, being from's an actual conversation.

Me: *Complaining about something*
Daniela: *Adds in something about whatever I was complaining about*
Rachel: *Cuts in, staring at window* I'm sorry to interrupt, but IS THAT SNOW?!

Ok, so there was maybe a single flake that fell from the sky. But the entire time we walked to the Capitol Building that day, all we heard about was how magical Rachel thought the snow was. That conversation appropriately earned her the nickname Buddy the Elf, at least for the day :)

Speaking of the Capitol's some pictures I got!

Me and Ronald Reagan...birthday twins! 

So then Tuesday...I have no idea what happened on Tuesday. But Wednesday we had a banquet in the evening at the National Press Center. 

That's us, being professional and such.

Then Thursday...I have no idea what I did Thursday? But Friday, we went to the Newseum!!
So two side notes.

1.) This is another real conversation that happened:

Me, Rachel, Daniela, going down the escalator.

Daniela: *Motions at light along side of escalator, says something I don't hear.*
Rachel: *Also motions at light, says something else I don't hear*
Me: *Touches light* Don't worry guys, the light isn't hot.
Rachel & Daniela: *Clearly grossed out* We were talking about the bird poop all over the light!


2.) My aunt sent me this gingerbread to take pictures with for my little cousin. I don't know what his name is, but my roommate Alicia thought his name was Flat Tim, so that's what he became. Well, he went to the Newseum and the White House with us! 

A piece of the Twin Towers.

Flat Tim, hanging with Ronald and Margaret Thatcher.

Flat Tim petting GW Bush's dog.

Flat Tim, being president.

Astronaut ice cream that I made us try!

Flat Tim has a sense of humor.

Flat Tim and I at the Berlin Wall

Occupy DC'ers.

And tomorrow, it's back to classes. 

One more week of break? Please?

Sunday, January 8, 2012


You know what I miss?


I do not have time for that luxury when classes invade my life again! Everything is jam-packed, nonstop here. I'm loving it, but my body is not.


None. It's a tragedy, really. 
(Never mind that there are people who don't even have access to clean water...)

But, it's the end of week one. I finished my paper and my journals and my readings (at an ungodly hour that won't be named, but finished all the same.)

And it is finally our one day off before we jump into week two here!
Thank goodness. I was in a constant state of slap-happy delusion, living off of cheerios and Sun chips.


Also, seeing as it was Saturday night and all, I kept hearing yelling and giggling and high heels in the hallway at 4 a.m.
Either I have zero time management skills, or those people are able to finish writing a paper, go out and still manage to be alert the next day. 
But I'm not bitter.


Anyway, so yesterday was seriously gorgeous. We're talking breezy, 65 degrees, early May kind of beautiful. In January. 

We were SO happy. We had lectures to attend in the morning, but the afternoon was ours to do with it what we pleased. So the very first thing we did was head to Union Station and get greasy goodness at Johnny Rocket.

Smiley ketchup? YES!

After that, we took the train to Arlington Cemetery, meeting many creeps along the way.

Creep #1, outside Union:
"Well hello there! What's all your names?"

Creep #2 and #3, husband and wife on train:
Rachel and I sit together, Daniela sits across from us.
Creepy man: *Looks at Daniela, looks at us, looks back at Daniela* "Hey, you can just sit on her lap." *motions to wife*
Daniela: *Speechless*
Creepy man: "Doesn't she have nice boots?"(Daniela's boots)
Creepy woman: "She does! I want boots like that but with a flat heel, something to go with my dress.
Creepy man and woman: *Kiss grossly, say gross things*
Creepy woman: (To husband) "Babe, let me take a picture of you! You're so sexy. So sexy." *oddly enough, points camera at me...not husband."
Creepy woman, continued: "You're so fine. The finest man around." *Then points camera at Daniela...not at husband.)

We promptly exit.

Creep #4, at the end of the day, outside Union:
Creep #4: *Points to all of us* "All ya'll are sexy as shit. I just want you to know that."

Pardon the language, but that's exactly what happened. Creep #4 was our favorite, mostly because he kept walking.

So we go to Arlington Cemetery, and it was just stunning:

And then today (after sleeping well into the afternoon), we took a train downtown to check out some monuments.

The full afternoon moon. Which looks suspiciously sunny.

Daniela offering a large token of love to Rachel. Valentine's Day isn't for a month, ladies!

World War II Memorial

And about the title of this post...

Take a good, looong look.

Yes, those people are NOT wearing pants.
 Apparently it was a flash mob? Either way, two words for these people.
It's. January?!

Also, no one wants to see that. But since I was subjected to it, now I'm going to subject everyone else to it. You're welcome.

Anyway, I've got to get to sleep soon, ready to get back to the grind tomorrow.
Hope your weekend was great!

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