Friday, November 9, 2012

Burning the Midnight Oil

So I'm feeling a bit delirious. Because exactly one month from now my second to last semester of college will be over. And yet, I already have a final paper due tomorrow? Somehow?

Well, I know how, actually. It's a rough draft that's not for a grade but we still have to do it or we will get docked points later.
(Not that that matters to you at all...)

Anyway, I have a tradition that I like to do. When November rolls around, and I am inevitably sitting in the library with the other hundred or so depressed and exhausted students slaving away on their procrastinations, I like to take a picture of myself in the midst of all the madness. Because, I don't know, I want to look back at it and remember I survived?

(Photo does not include half of my face. Trust me, I look like the walking dead.)

And I'm juuuuuust getting to that point where my second wind is coming around and the caffeine is kicking in. So about an hour or so until the crash. 

I've got my all-nighters down to a science.
And truthfully? I feel pretty good right now. Despite the thousand words I still have to crank out yet.

Post grads out there, do you guys miss these nights? I feel like I will, in some weird kind of way. It's just so collegiate feeling, being up all night in the library, ya know?

Anywho, we are officially past midnight here, so happy Friday!
Cheers to a wonderful, restful (hopefully) weekend.

1 comment:

  1. I like that idea of taking a picture when you're surrounded by madness. I think it would help you stop and be mindful of what you're really doing.

    If you already feel like you're going to miss school you'll probably end up in graduate school in no time.


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