Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wish Fulfillment/ I am psychic

Normally, I hate March.

The snow starts to melt, makes everything muddy, gives way to one last ominous snowstorm, and it's not quite spring clothes season yet. Also, every day is a dilemma between "Snow boots or rain boots?"

It's a tough life.

But this year...ahh, March cannot come fast enough.

I am a senior. So that means I am in a constant mode of senioritis. All. The. TIME. Because I am already looking so forward to graduation and all of the exciting things to come after that (more on that later.)

But THIS year, as my graduation present, my family and I are going to Ireland for spring break!

And, to sweeten the deal, I get to bring my boyfriend, who has never stepped foot on a plane. So his virgin plane experience will be an eight-hour flight over the ocean. He is just thrilled.

In this post, back in December, I talked about how much I missed the UK, and that I just knew I would be back again someday. And March is someday! I can't wait.

Plus, we get to stay at this castle for a night, which I have actually stayed at once before.

Ready for a crazy story about that?

My freshman year of college, I had to make a powerpoint presentation about anything I wanted. The only criteria was that it had to be a business or a location. Anything in the whole, entire world.

Well. I started with Disney World, but then I decided I wanted a real castle. Somewhere far away, where I would never get to go, but could dream about.

What did I choose? Ashford Castle. ^^^^

Little did I know, I would be there the next summer, with a friend I hadn't yet met, who would invite me on a trip to the UK.
I didn't realize it was the same place until I walked in, and was completely stunned. And a little freaked out.

Then, my mom planned this trip to Ireland in the Spring. Where are we staying for one night? Ashford Castle! She had no idea it was the same place I'd been.

So my freshman self had no inkling that before graduation, I would be a guest at that castle not once, but twice. 

Obviously proof that I am psychic. Send your life questions my way, I've got this.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. How neat! That castle is such a GORGEOUS work of art!

    from Truly Yours


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