Sunday, February 19, 2012

Boston, Part 2: The tale of the scary creatures

So I'm like a week or so late with this, but there's many more posts to come today/tomorrow, so enjoy!

Anyway, here is the rest of our Boston excursion.

Our Saturday started out with a morning trip back to Salem to hit up the shops we didn't see before. But, as luck would have it, they didn't open until 11. So we didn't really see the shops.

But we did have some pretty sweet lattes.
And saw the cutest little puppy ever.
And saw an ice sculpture pirate ship.

But the real fun...ohhh that came later...

How great is Boston? I seriously think I need to go back in the summer when there's flowers and all that. It has to be so beautiful.

Now about the scary creatures.

So we get on this train. And there are these HUGE, terrifying dogs with spiky collars. Granted, they may have been the sweetest dogs ever. I have no idea. Regardless, they were pit bulls. And when the conductor came by and hit a roll of quarters near their seat, they were not pleased.

They barked. And one jumped down.
So the lady behind them was like, "Don't let those dogs down, that's not right."
So then this massive, scary man starts threatening that lady! He's all "Leave those dogs alone or I'll slit your threat. I'll shoot you." And that was laced with various expletives.

That went on for half an hour. Then we had a cab driver who enjoyed going 60 in a 25 around tight bends. 
Fun? Debatable. 
Memorable? Oh yes.

The next morning we stayed in, got some rest, and then trekked home.

And then came the week, which was pretty interesting in itself. As for tonight, I've got some work to do, then shutting in for the night with the boy and a movie.


= Just what I need.

Have a good week!

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  1. I LOVE boston and those coffee cups are hilarious!! cute pictures :)


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